Are you looking for ideas for creative activities to do with your children? Cascades Fluff & Tuff® has put together its favorite crafts for you! Learn how to make your own cute animals using toilet paper rolls.

Here are 10 craft ideas with toilet paper rolls to create with your children at a party or simply to learn while having fun!

Our toilet paper roll animal crafts

Take advantage of your stock of toilet paper rolls to keep your little ones busy with an easy-to-do and exciting activity for children! In addition, you learn to recycle and avoid waste as a family, and your kids will develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

To get started on your first homemade toilet paper roll animals, put on your aprons and grab some craft materials:

  • Toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes;
  • Scissors;
  • Colored and black markers;
  • Paintbrushes;
  • Colored craft paper;
  • Craft glue (stick, liquid or glue gun);
  • Googly eyes;
  • Etc.

To make these adorable animal crafts, you will only need these simple supplies and a good dose of imagination for hours of fun between young and older children!

1. Cat craft

For this exciting craft, start by making the ears, a tail, and pretty whiskers for your cat with colored craft paper. Choose the color of your cat, color your toilet paper roll, and glue its body parts to the roll to bring it to life.

2. Bee craft

Source: Mom Does Reviews

To create your bee, color your roll yellow and draw its stripes using a black felt marker (you can also use yellow construction paper to add more details). Add eyes and small antennae to it, and cut its wings out of white paper. Your bee is ready to take flight and forage! It could be a fun craft for spring as an Easter decoration for example.

3. Spider craft

Source: Simple Everyday Mom

For the Halloween period, there is a wide variety of toilet paper roll animals to decorate your home! To create your little spiders, cut your toilet paper rolls in two, color each piece a different color, and add legs and eyes to them. For this one, you can use some pipe cleaners for the legs. A good idea to play with or decorate a Halloween table.

4. Horse craft

Source: Arty Crafty Kids

The perfect craft for adding some farm animals to a doll house or small farm, here is a fun craft involving toilet paper roll animals! With the help of an adult, simply add four legs, draw a head, and add a mane and a tail with some bits of string to make your little horse frolic.

5. Dog craft

Source: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

For this toilet paper roll animal craft, simply color your roll and cut out some ears, legs, a tail, and a nose. Add a pair of eyes, and your dog is ready to play.

6. Ladybug craft

A little ladybug makes a pretty decoration for a bedroom or workspace. Add little red wings dotted with black spots, eyes, and antennae to your roll, and your ladybug will be ready to take flight. You can use felt markers or paint if you’re brimming with imagination!

7. Toilet paper roll pig craft

Source: Brisbane Kids

To complete the series of toilet paper roll craft animals, add some little pigs to your collection. Paint your rolls pink, add the ears, and draw the eyes. For the snout, use recycled objects from around the house! Small pink buttons will do the job perfectly.

8. Giraffe craft

This adorable toilet paper roll animal will take on a totally different shape! Cut your roll lengthwise and fold it to make a cone. Paint it yellow and cut small spots out of orange paper. Add a cute giraffe head to the top for it to take shape!

9. Frog craft

Source: Little Ladoo

This creation will keep your children busy during and after the creation! Green is in the spotlight to give shape to our frog. Add a pair of little legs, a mouth, and eyes, and you’re all set; it’s truly child’s play!

10. Owl craft

Source: Projects with Kids

To create your toilet paper roll owls, play around with colors and colored paper. Get creative when choosing a beautiful pair of wings, a pointy beak, and big eyes!

Who said an owl should be just one color? In a few steps, you’ll transform your toilet paper rolls into little animals.

A multitude of creative ideas to recycle and have lots of fun

Now you know how to bring cute creatures to life with toilet paper rolls! With just a few rolls, felt markers, a splash of color, and your artistic skills, you can create a variety of adorable animal crafts. This fun activity for kids doesn’t require expensive materials, making it accessible for everyone. If you want to know how to build a pillow fort or how to make a toilet paper roll bunny, read our blog!

On top of these cool crafts with toilet paper, Cascades Fluff & Tuff® offers a range of toilet paper roll crafts to beautify your home. Get ready to have a blast while crafting and exploring the endless possibilities!