FluffTM & TuffTM plush toys

Have you met our stuffed animals? These adorable bundles of softness have comfort to share with the whole family. Brighten up your day with our little bunny duo!

Who are the FluffTM & TuffTM stuffed animal bunnies?

FluffTM is a little ball of comforting softness. He loves playing little pranks and gets along great with kids! He’s a whole lot of fun with an eco-friendly heart. FluffTM loves nature and is an expert on topics that have to do with the environment. He’s the softest member of the family!

TuffTM is known for his boundless energy. He’s an adventurer that loves exploring new frontiers. Just beyond his bold and determined exterior, you’ll find a curious bunny who loves our planet. TuffTM is a natural caregiver who will never let you down! He’s the strongest member of the family!

FluffTM & TuffTM stuffed animals - comfort for a cause

Year after year, we make sure to give back to our community. One organization that is particularly near and dear to our hearts is the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, which supports children who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as their families. In 2019 and 2020, we put FluffTM & TuffTM stuffed animals on sale online to benefit the Foundation. All of the profits we collected for each adopted bunny were given directly to the cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our frequently asked questions to learn more about our FluffTM and TuffTM rabbit stuffed animals!

Where can I find a FluffTM and TuffTM stuffed animal to buy?

Please be advised that our rabbit stuffed animals are not currently available for purchase at retail locations. However, we encourage you to follow Cascades Fluff & Tuff® on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Thank you for your interest in the littlest members of our Cascades family!

There were no more stuffed animals left during the last in-store promotion

During in-store promotions, our rabbit stuffed animals are only available while supplies last. Keep an eye on our social media pages, our newsletter, and our stuffed animal info page to keep tabs on all of our plush-related updates!