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Cascades Tuff® Econo

Because little messes happen fast, Cascades Tuff® offers you a fast and effective solution to deal with them. Our Econo paper towel is made from the same paper as our Enviro line, but this time with larger sheets than ordinary rolls. You benefit from a versatile format that is still just as absorbent to respond effectively!

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100% recycled paper towels


Sustainable consumption

28.8 million trees saved

Cascades avoided cutting over 28.8 million trees with the use of recycled fibers.*

Water conservation

Enough water saved to supply the Niagara Falls
for 5.9 hours.*

The #1 choice for families

UL Ecologo
Cascades Tuff® is above all a brand of paper towel rolls manufactured in accordance with the preservation of the environment. Our Econo line uses 100% recycled fibers and is UL Ecologo®-certified, a recognized standard confirming the reduced environmental impact of the production.

FSC® Recycled
FSC® Recycled certification guarantees the traceability of our raw materials and ensures that our products are made from 100% recycled materials. Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towel offers you a responsible cleaning solution that is respectful of our forest resources. Our environmental leadership doesn’t stop there! Discover all the benefits of Cascades.


Manufactured in Quebec

All our Cascades Fluff & Tuff® products our proudly manufactured right here, in Quebec!

Take advantage of the best at an affordable price

We’re constantly developing new solutions to simplify everyday life while reducing our ecological footprint. That’s why we created the Econo line of paper towels with a new sheet size made from 100% recycled fibers!

Available in two standard roll formats (2 rolls and 6 rolls), take advantage of our Econo line for a beneficial and affordable performance! An equally effective paper towel with larger sheets than regular rolls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towel? If so, you’re not alone! Here are the answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

What is the size of each sheet of Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels?

Each sheet of our Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels measures 27.4 cm by 22 cm.

Are Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels made with recycled fibres?

Our Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels are made of 100%-recycled fibres from institutions, businesses, offices, schools, and printing companies that we recover through several collection programs to give them a second life.

What is the difference between Cascades Tuff® Econo and Cascades Tuff® Enviro paper towels?

Cascades Tuff® Econo is the most economical member of the family. Its large sheets will be your best allies to tackle all sorts of messes. For its part, Cascades Tuff® Enviro is available with multi-size sheets to adapt to all situations.

What is the packaging for Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels made of?

Like all packaging for Cascades Fluff & Tuff® products, the packaging for Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towel is made of 100%-recycled plastic resin.

Can I recycle the packaging for Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels?

Help us make a difference for the planet with the end-of-life management of the 100%-recycled packaging for our Cascades Tuff® paper towels. Please check with your municipality, as it may not be recyclable in your area.

Where can Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels be found?

Our Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels are available at several retailers across Canada. Check out our store locator to find the point of sale nearest you.

Are Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels compostable?

Our Cascades Tuff® Econo paper towels are CMA-S certified by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance. They are compostable in industrial and municipal facilities, but not in home composting. Please check locally, as facilities may not exist in your area.

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