Our bathroom tissues are soft on you and soft on nature*! Whether you prefer the greenest, the strongest or the softest of the family, we have the perfect bathroom tissue for you.



Bathroom tissue that is biodegradable or safe for septic-systems ...

Designed specifically to decompose quickly, all Cascades Fluff® bathroom tissues are safe for your plumbing and septic systems. In addition, our Cascades Fluff® Enviro bathroom tissues are biodegradable. This makes them the ideal products for your home or outdoor activities, like camping, hiking or a weekend at the cottage!


… And hypoallergenic!

Do some of your family members, whether young or old, require an extra touch of softness? It’s good to know that all of our Cascades Fluff® bathroom tissues are also hypoallergenic. They contain no dyes or perfumes, which makes them the perfect products for everyone and every skin type.


* Products made from responsibly managed fibres.

Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro bathroom tissue

Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro bathroom tissue is ecological. Made from 100% recycled fibres and biodegradable, this bathroom tissue is the perfect product for home, cottage, camping or hiking. It is fast becoming a favourite among families who care about the environment and who wish to make an eco-responsible choice without sacrificing softness!

Our Cascades Fluff® Strong bathroom tissue

Our Cascades Fluff® Strong bathroom tissue is the strongest of the family! It is the perfect choice for those who want both strength and softness. Cascades Fluff® Strong bathroom tissue will never let you down.

Our Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue

Is softness your top priority when it comes to choosing a bathroom tissue? If so, look no farther than our Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue, the softest of the family! It has twice the thickness of conventional bathroom tissue, with improved quilted softness. The comfort of Ultra will be the first choice for everyone who wants softness and extra gentleness!


Do you need paper towels ?

Our full line of Cascades TuffTM paper towels is the smart choice for everyday use!