Our Cascades Fluff® bathroom tissue

Our bathroom tissues are soft on you and soft on natureTM*! Whether you’re looking for the greenest, strongest, or softest member of our product family, we have exactly what you need for your day-to-day life. Take them home!TM

Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro toilet paper

Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro bathroom tissue is eco-friendly. It’s a biodegradable toilet paper made of 100 % recycled fibres, making it perfect for your home, your chalet, camping trips, and even hiking excursions. It’s sure to become a household favourite among families who care about the environment and who want to make an eco-friendly choice – all without compromising on softness!

Our Cascades Fluff® Strong toilet paper

Our Cascades Fluff® Strong toilet paper is the strongest member of the family! It’s the perfect choice for people who are looking for both strength and softness.
Cascades Fluff® bathroom tissue will never let you down.

Our Cascades Fluff® Ultra toilet paper

Is softness your top priority when it comes to choosing toilet paper? If so, our Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue is the clear winner – it’s the softest member of the family, after all! It’s twice as thick as a conventional toilet roll, with unparalleled cushioning. People who are looking for a gentle, ultra-soft product will love Cascades Fluff® Ultra!

Cascades* : a friend to nature

Our manufacturing processes are optimized to be kind to the planet. We do everything in our power to ensure our eco friendly toilet paper products respect both the environment and our core values.

Our bathroom tissues don’t clog pipes and are completely septic safe.
Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro toilet paper is made with 100% recycled fibres.
Thanks to a unique and rigorous approach, Cascades is able to minimize the amount of water consumed during the manufacturing process.

Committed to you – and the environment, too

Families and nature are our number one priorities. We are constantly innovating to better respond to our customers’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our Cascades Fluff® toilet paper? If so, you’re not alone! Here are the answers to customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Do you have biodegradable toilet paper?

Yes we do! Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro products are biodegradables and made of 100% recycled fibres.

I’m looking for hypoallergenic toilet paper. Do you carry this type of product?

Our Cascades Fluff® Strong, Ultra, and Enviro products are all hypoallergenic – the choice is yours!

Which product is best for people who want superior comfort?

If you’re looking for enhanced cushioning and softness, Cascades Fluff® Ultra toilet paper is your best bet. Comfort guaranteed!