Who we are

Cascades Fluff & Tuff® is so much more than a toilet paper and paper towel brand: we’re your partner in tackling everyday life! Learn more about your favourite paper towel and bathroom tissue company!

Launching the Cascades Fluff & Tuff® brand in 2017

Our adorable FluffTM and TuffTM mascots made their debut in 2017. Cascades Fluff & Tuff® products were created in an effort to combine strength and softness, while reflecting the Cascades group’s eco-friendly values.
As a toilet tissue and paper towel company, we are committed to families and the future of our planet. We are constantly innovating and exploring conservation projects with our customers in mind.
Discover our brand history – a story filled with strength, softness, and a green attitude!

A brand devoted to our community

Our commitment to our community and the environment is directly linked to Cascades’ brand values. We make a point of combining service, job creation, and sustainability while respecting nature to the greatest possible extent.

Community events celebrating local businesses

Cascades Fluff & Tuff® is committed to building a better world, with a focus on supporting local! We put an emphasis on manufacturing our products in Quebec in order to boost the local economy and reduce our environmental impact!

We participate in events that bring local families together, most notably through our partnership with the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, which supports Quebec families through difficult times.

Our mission...

Our mission is to push the limits of innovation and sustainable development with high-quality products that respect the environment. We want future generations to live in a world where they can flourish, thrive, and be happy.

Local production at our Kingsey Falls and Candiac factories

All of our Cascades Fluff & Tuff® products are proudly made in Quebec, in our Kingsey Falls and Candiac factories. Participating in the local economy and staying close to our local customers is extremely important to us!

Support your fundraising campaign with Cascades

Do you have a fundraising campaign coming up and want a unique and innovative tool?
Support your cause with Cascades Fluff® Enviro!

  • Put a sustainable spin on your campaign
  • Set yourself apart by selling products that are manufactured and well-known in Quebec
  • Focus on products that are eco-friendly and made with fibres that come from responsibly managed forests
  • Double down on making a difference by supporting environmental best practices
  • Quickly raise more than $1,000!


Program available exclusively in Quebec

For more information on our fundraising program
1 800 567 1022 | question@cascades.com

A diverse family of products

The Cascades Fluff & Tuff® brand is constantly perfecting its processes in order to provide local families with products that reflect their needs: softer, stronger, and more eco-friendly.

For example, our line of Cascades Fluff & Tuff® Enviro bath tissue and paper towels are made with 100% recycled fibres for nature lovers who want to reduce their environmental footprint. For sensitive skin, Cascades Fluff® Ultra toilet paper is the perfect pick. There are so many options available – we encourage you to browse through our website to discover our entire range!

Our product assortment is designed for customers who are looking for quality without having to compromise on their budget.

For locals, by locals.

Cascades Fluff® products

Our Cascades Fluff® toilet paper is soft on you and soft on natureTM*! It’s quality without compromise.

Cascades Tuff® products

Give our Cascades Tuff® paper towels a try. No matter the mess, they’ll be by your side to achieve the ultimate clean!

Learn more about the Cascades Tissue Group's brand story

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