Cascades toilet paper rolls


Cascades FluffTM Strong toilet paper was designed to satisfy those for whom strength is as important as softness. It is the strongest of the family!

We worked very hard on this brand new product, which has been added to our Cascades FluffTM line of toilet paper to meet the needs of our clients even more effectively, and we are willing to bet that it will quickly become one of your family’s favourites!

The strongest of the family!

Cascades uses 85% less water* when manufacturing its product**

Safe for plumbing and septic systems

Soft and strong


Hypoallergenic toilet paper

Cascades FluffTM Strong toilet paper may be the strongest, but that doesn’t mean that it is not also very soft, and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin! It is the ideal choice for those who want a stronger toilet paper with no added scents or dyes.


Eco-friendly toilet paper

We are extremely proud to say that Cascades FluffTM Strong toilet paper has received a number of eco-friendly certifications. As you know, respect for the environment is one of our core values at Cascades, from the manufacturing right through to the production of our products.


FSC© MIX certification

Our Cascade FluffTM Strong toilet paper is FSC© MIX certified, which is proof that our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable, because it is made using wood fibres from FSC® certified forests, recycled materials and/or FSC® Controlled Wood.


Rainforest Alliance certification

Our fibres come from 100% responsibly managed forests, which is why we have been certified by Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods for local communities. The well-known logo with the little frog makes it easy to identify, and attests to our commitment to protecting the environment!


Available in 6-roll and 8-roll packages

Cascades FluffTM Strong toilet paper is available in two practical formats. The 6‑roll package is exclusively available at participating Dollarama stores. Other retailers carry the 8- and 12-roll packages. In addition, all of our rolls are double rolls, which means that you get 253 sheets of two-ply paper per roll, with all the strength you need in every sheet.


Plumbing-friendly toilet paper

Like all other products in our Cascades FluffTM line of toilet paper, Strong is safe for your pipes and for your home’s septic system!


Cascades FluffTM Enviro toilet paper is 100% recycled, and represents the ecological choice for families that want to help out our planet!
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Cascades FluffTM Ultra toilet paper is the softest of the family! Comfort and softness … go ahead and pamper yourself!
Discover Cascades FluffTM Ultra toilet paper >






Always more for you and the environment

Cascades toilet paper rolls

Available in a variety of sizes

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Cascades benefits*


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85% less

water used as compared to the Canadian paper industry average
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Enough water saved

to supply the Niagara Falls for 10 hours
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45 million

trees saved annually
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Always more

for nature
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made in Canada
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* Cascades Canada ULC

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