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Ah, toilet paper rolls! Those little brown (or white) tubes that seem to have no other use once their original purpose has been served. We all have them, and they inevitably end their days in the recycling bin.

But what if we reused them instead of recycled them?

In fact, there are many super easy DIY projects that use these cardboard rolls. Here are 10 that are fun for children and adults alike, and that truly serve a useful purpose!

Seeding pots made with toilet paper roll crafts

1. Seed pots

Spring is here, and if you plan to start a garden from seed, you’re probably familiar with the seed starting kits sold in major garden centres. Why not make your own seed containers with toilet paper rolls cut in half and closed off on the bottom?

It’s environmentally friendly, and the cardboard will encourage the water to flow downward.

Desk organizer made with toilet paper roll crafts

2. Desk organizer

Simply attach several toilet paper rolls to a sheet of cardboard using glue or double-sided tape, then decorate the rolls to create a free, personalized desk organizer!

Toy building blocks made with toilet paper roll crafts

3. Toy building blocks

Your children will enjoy hours of fun with these homemade building blocks that cost next to nothing! Simply glue a round of cardboard to each end of the roll, and then decorate it to your liking.

Cable storage made with toilet paper roll crafts

4. Cable storage

Cables have a way of getting tangled up even without touching them. Avoid unnecessary hassles by storing those you use less often in toilet paper rolls. You can even label the rolls by type of cable.

Gift wrap made with toilet paper roll crafts

5. Gift wrap

For a piece of jewellery or other tiny gift item, why not get creative and craft your gift wrap out of a toilet paper roll covered in wrapping paper, washi tape or contact paper?

All you have to do is flatten the roll, then make two small incisions at each end to create the tips. For the finishing touch, tie a pretty ribbon around it!

Napkin rings made from toilet paper roll crafts

6. Napkin rings 

Use the circular shape of toilet paper rolls to fashion some napkin rings for your next event! Cut a toilet paper roll into several rings, and decorate each one to your fancy.

Decorations made from toilet paper roll crafts

7. Decorations

Set your imagination free as you cut toilet paper rolls into various shapes to make wall decorations. For inspiration, take a look at Pinterest, where people have created everything from little dogs to flowers using something that would otherwise have ended up in the recycling bin!

Lanterns made from toilet paper roll crafts

9. Lanterns

Create fun decorative lighting by placing homemade lanterns over white Christmas lights. First, paint some rolls white. Next, cut each roll in half and cut out a number of similar or different shapes, however you like. Line the inside of each lantern with coloured tissue paper.

Use jewellery wire to hold the lanterns in place on the lights garland. Be sure only to use a recent model of lights that does not heat up, and do not leave the garland on when you’re not at home!

Utensil holder made from toilet paper roll crafts

10. Utensil holder

Have fun creating new, personalized utensil holders for any occasion, for pennies or less. Flatten a toilet paper roll, and cut out a round shape at each end. Then, simply decorate the utensil holder to your liking, and insert a fork, knife and spoon.

Voilà! You now have several hours of crafting ahead of you with toilet paper rolls. The creative wonders of reusing never cease!

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