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Ah, toilet paper rolls! Those little brown (or white) tubes that seem to have no other use once their original purpose has been served. We all have them, and they inevitably end their days in the recycling bin.

But what if we reused them instead of recycled them?

In fact, there are many super easy DIY projects that use these cardboard rolls. Here are 22 craft ideas with toilet paper rolls that are fun for children and adults alike!

Tips and accessories for your home

Let’s start with toilet paper roll crafts that are useful for everyday living! Discover our practical ideas for reusing your empty rolls at home.

1. Seed pots

Seeding pots made with toilet paper roll crafts

Do you plan to start your garden from seed next spring? You’re probably familiar with the seed starting kits sold at major garden centres. Why not make your own seed containers with toilet paper rolls cut in half and closed off on the bottom?

It’s eco-friendly, and the cardboard will encourage the water to flow downward.

2. Desk organizer

Desk organizer made with toilet paper roll crafts

Simply attach several toilet paper rolls to a sheet of cardboard using glue or double-sided tape. Then decorate the rolls to create a free, personalized desk organizer!

Toy building blocks made with toilet paper roll crafts

3. Cable storage

Cable storage made with toilet paper roll crafts

Cables have a way of always getting tangled up without even touching them. Avoid unnecessary hassles by storing the ones you use less often in toilet paper rolls. You can even label the rolls by type of cable.

4. Gift wrap

Gift wrap made with toilet paper roll crafts

For a piece of jewellery or any other tiny gift item, why not get creative and make your own homemade gift wrap? Simply use toilet paper rolls covered in wrapping paper, washi tape, or contact paper!

All you have to do is flatten the roll, then make two small incisions at each end to create the tips. For the finishing touch, tie a pretty ribbon around it!

5. Napkin rings 

Napkin rings made from toilet paper roll crafts

Use the circular shape of toilet paper rolls to fashion some napkin rings for your next event! Cut a toilet paper roll into several rings and decorate each one to your fancy.

6. Birdfeeder

Mangeoires à oiseaux en papier de toilette DIY

Attract birds to your balcony by creating a birdfeeder! It’s super easy: you just have to spread a thick layer of peanut butter (oh yes!) on a toilet paper roll, then roll it in birdseed. After that, all you have to do is hang up your feeder using a string. 

7. Utensil holder

Utensil holder made from toilet paper roll crafts

Have fun creating new, personalized utensil holders for any occasion, and for next to nothing. Flatten a toilet paper roll and cut out a round shape at each end. Then, simply decorate the utensil holder and insert a fork, knife, and spoon!

8. Yarn and wool rolls

Image source : Tip Junkie

Do your wool yarns have a nasty habit of getting mixed up when you have your back turned? Here’s a simple and effective little tip: use your toilet paper rolls to make a ball that’s ready to be used again!

9. Glasses case

Image source: Squirrelly Minds

To replace lost or broken cases, here’s a craft idea that combines form and function. To make your own homemade case, simply use a toilet paper or paper towel roll, cut it along the side, and cover it with your choice of fabric. Glue the bottom and the side of the roll with the fabric to secure everything. A simple, practical, and attractive result for storing and protecting your glasses at a low cost! 

Decorative ideas

To mark different special occasions throughout the year, here’s a series of toilet paper roll crafts to decorate your home!

10. Lanterns

Create fun decorative lighting by placing homemade lanterns over white Christmas lights. To make them, first paint some rolls white. Next, cut each roll in half and cut out a number of similar or different shapes according to your preferences. Then, line the inside of each lantern with coloured tissue paper.

Use jewellery wire to hold the lanterns in place on the lights garland. Be sure to only use a recent model of lights that doesn’t heat up, and don’t leave the garland on when you’re not at home!

11. Wall decorations

Set your imagination free as you cut toilet paper rolls into various shapes to make wall decorations. For inspiration, take a look at Pinterest, where people have created everything from little dogs to flowers using something that would otherwise have ended up in the recycling bin!

12. Flying fish

Image source : Squirrelly Minds

Add a touch of Japanese poetry to your home or garden with these homemade koinobori! Suitable for children aged five and up, this craft is made with toilet paper rolls, coloured paper, glue, a stick, and a bit of string. Create your fish by cutting out coloured scales and strips for the tail, then glue them to the cardboard. Add eyes and a piece of string attached to the stick.

Once complete, your fish will be ready to take off and twirl their beautiful colours in the air

13. Advent calendar

Image source : Women’s Day

This year, prepare for the long-awaited day of Christmas with a homemade advent calendar! Armed with only string, coloured pencils, fabric or coloured paper, glue, and about thirty toilet paper rolls, create a calendar in your image. Whatever format you choose, remember to leave some room for the little sweets to be inserted!

14. Little houses

Image source : Today’s Parent

Whether they’re used to decorate the chimney, little train tracks, or a world of toys, these little toilet paper roll houses beautifully dress up every space and universe!

For this craft, grab some toilet paper or paper towel rolls, scissors, colours, and paper. Then, create your imaginary world with houses, windmills, castles… fun architectural creations that are sure to liven up playtime!

15. Decorative animals

Image source: The Best Ideas For Kids

To continue our list of toilet paper roll crafts, create your own little decorative animals! Depending on the time of year, the age, or everyone’s favourite animals, there are endless possibilities available to you. All you need: paint, glue, scissors, coloured paper, and imagination!

16. Little Halloween monsters

Image source : Free Pik

Finally, to celebrate the long-awaited holiday filled with pumpkins and candy, here’s a Halloween craft idea with toilet paper rolls. Vampires, pumpkins, bats, or black cats… a multitude of little Halloween dudes takes shape in just a few hours of crafting.
For more inspiration, check out our article on Halloween craft ideas.

Creating games with toilet paper rolls

Besides spending quality time as a family, toilet paper roll crafts can also create games! Check out these ideas to make your own homemade games.

17. Building blocks

Your children will enjoy hours of fun with these homemade building blocks that cost next to nothing! Simply glue a round of cardboard to each end of the roll, then decorate it to your liking.

18. Maracas

Image source : Un temps pour elle

To give rhythm to musical moments, there’s nothing like homemade maracas! Cheap and easy to make, create your instrument in just a few steps using toilet paper rolls.

To make them, start by decorating your rolls with the colours, shapes, and patterns that appeal to you. Then, use large caps or a piece of fabric firmly attached to the end of the roll. Fill it with grains of rice and seal the other side.

19. Petit train

Image source: Kids Activities Blog

This craft idea with toilet paper rolls lets young and old create beautiful trains using only household items. Grab some toilet paper rolls, paint, scissors, string, and bottle caps.

Start by colouring each car, then pierce the ends of the rolls. Glue the caps on each side of the rolls to make wheels. Then, attach the cars to each other, and your train is ready to roll!

20. Cars

Image source: Kifli és Levendula

After making your train, here’s a craft idea with toilet paper rolls to create little cars. Armed with just your toilet paper rolls, a sheet of cardboard (to cut out the wheels), paper fasteners, paint, and scissors, make your own homemade Formula 1s to get all the little guys in the house moving.

21. Puppets

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Image source : Pinterest

There’s nothing like a homemade puppet to liven up kids’ shows! This craft made with toilet paper tubes requires two caps, nylon thread, string, paint, and a stick.

Start by painting the roll the colour of the character you’re creating. Add arms and legs using the string and caps. Then, create your puppet’s head and tail (it can take the shape of any animal you like).

The last step is to connect the character’s feet and body to the puppeteer’s stick with nylon thread. Now you’re ready to bring your puppet to life!

22. Party crown

Image source : Creative Jewish Mom

Finally, to celebrate parties of all sorts, let’s crown our princes and princesses using tools available at home. To make this craft, use your toilet paper rolls, a hole punch, string, and paint for the final decoration. The party of kings and queens can begin!

Create and have fun reusing in a thousand and one ways!

Voilà! You now have several hours of fun ahead of you with these toilet paper roll crafts. The creative wonders of reusing never cease!
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