Recycled bathroom tissue


Cascades FluffTM Enviro toilet paper is the first choice of nature lovers. It is as gentle on you as it is on the environment! Enjoy the softness of Cascades FluffTM, and lend nature a hand at the same time.

Made from 100% recycled and biodegradable fibres, Cascades FluffTM Enviro is the perfect companion for your camping adventures or for your quiet time at home!

The greenest of the family!

Safe for plumbing and septic systems


Biodegradable paper

100% recycled paper

million trees saved annually with the use of recycled fibre*

Enough water saved to supply the Niagara Falls for 10 hours**

Perfect for:

Eco-friendly toilet paper

Cascades FluffTM Enviro toilet paper is naturally gentle on you and on the planet. Ecology is among the core values for Cascades FluffTM Enviro and for you, which is why we believe that gentleness and respect for the environment go hand in hand.


EcoLogo certification

We are extremely proud to display the EcoLogo symbol on our Enviro products! EcoLogo certification stands as proof of our compliance with the strictest environmental standards, right from the manufacturing process to the disposal of our toilet paper. Cascades FluffTM Enviro is the wise choice from among the main products available on the market, and the EcoLogo symbol is your guarantee!


FSC© Recycled certification

Why settle for one eco-friendly certification when you can have two? Cascade FluffTM Enviro toilet paper is also FSC© Recycled certified, which means that the product is manufactured entirely from recycled materials!


Plumbing-friendly biodegradable toilet paper

Cascades FluffTM Enviro toilet paper is the eco-friendly and logical choice for all of your outdoor family activities, and at the cottage or at home! It decomposes quickly and easily, which means that it is safe for septic systems, residential pipes and the environment. Therefore, you can use it anywhere and anytime, knowing that you are showing the greatest possible respect for the environment!


Available in a variety of practical formats!

In order to meet the needs of small families and large families alike, Cascades FluffTM Enviro toilet paper is available in a variety of practical formats. If you have limited storage space, the 8-roll package is perfect for you. Or choose our most popular 12-roll package! Finally, larger families can always count on the 24-roll package to meet the needs of their whole clan! 

If 24 rolls is not enough, and you want to get even more value for your money, we also offer a 40-roll package! This is our largest package, available only at Costco, and is perfect for homes that have plenty of storage space ... and bathrooms. In addition, with 330 sheets per roll instead of 253, every roll lasts even longer than our other Cascades FluffTM Enviro products.




Cascades FluffTM Ultra toilet paper is more than just soft … it is ultra soft! For even more softness on a daily basis, this is the choice for you!

Discover Cascades FluffTM Ultra toilet paper >



Cascades FluffTM Strong toilet paper is the strongest of the family, designed specifically for those who are looking for the perfect combination of strength and softness!

Discover Cascades FluffTM Strong toilet paper >





Always more for you and the environment

Recycled bathroom tissue

Available in a variety of sizes

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Cascades benefits*


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85% less

water used as compared to the Canadian paper industry average
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Enough water saved

to supply the Niagara Falls for 10 hours
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45 million

trees saved annually
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Always more

for nature
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made in Canada
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* Cascades Canada ULC

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