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Are you more Cascades FluffTM or Cascades TuffTM?

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Recycled bathroom tissue


The greenest of the family!

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The strongest of the family!

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Cascades toilet paper rolls
Cascades soft toilet paper


The softest of the family!

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Recycled paper towels


The most responsible of the family!

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Absorbent paper towels


The most absorbent of the family!

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Cascades benefits*


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85% less

water used as compared to the Canadian paper industry average
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Enough water saved

to supply the Niagara Falls for 10 hours
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45 million

trees saved annually
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Always more

for nature
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made in Canada
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* Cascades Canada ULC


The strength of a homegrown family!

Green by nature for more than 50 years, we are growing along with your families.

An environmental leader well before eco-friendly was trendy**

**Based on Cascades Inc. Performance Report on the 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan

1964 –

The Lemaire family, always looking to find new uses for everyday objects, makes its dream come true by breathing new life into an abandoned Dominion Paper mill in Kingsey Falls.
The Cascades family is born.

1977 –

Tissue production first begins in Kingsey Falls, with the construction of a plant for manufacturing paper towels, bathroom tissues and industrial paper products, all from recycled fibres.

1980s –

Cascades expands its ecoresponsible vision to the United States and Europe, goes public and continues to innovate with a view to making the lives of local families easier.

2016 –

Cascades continues to grow, and for the sixth consecutive year, is the brand that is perceived by Québec families to be the most responsible.



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