Paper towels Cascades Tuff® Enviro

No matter what kind of spill you have to deal with, Cascades Tuff® paper towels are always at the ready! Whether you need to wipe up classic spaghetti sauce splashes or the results or a particularly lively finger painting session, Cascades Tuff® Enviro paper towels are your friend in need! 100% recycled fibre, gentle on the environment, strong and absorbent makes for the perfect combination.

From the tiniest accident to the most disastrous spill in the kitchen, bathroom, garage or even on the deck, Cascades Tuff® Enviro paper towels will never let you down!

Available in a variety of sizes

  • Cascades Tuff<sup>®</sup>  Enviro - 6 JUMBO rolls - 105 sheets
  • Cascades Tuff<sup>®</sup>  Enviro - 6 MEGA rolls - 160 sheets
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The most responsible of the family!

Recycled paper towels

Cascades Tuff® Enviro paper towels were designed for those who, like us, have a soft spot for anything that is ecologically friendly. This 100% recycled product allows your family to adopt eco-friendly habits and help out the environment without having to jump through hoops!

Multi-size sheets

Cascade Tuff® Enviro paper towels feature extremely practical multi-size sheets, so you can use only a half-sheet to clean up a small spill or use a full sheet for bigger messes. You choose exactly the amount of paper towel you need. Clean up in a flash, and save time without waste.

100% recycled paper

45 million trees saved annually with the use of recycled fibre*

Enough water saved to supply the Niagara Falls for 10 hours**