The holiday season is fast approaching, with its many preparations. Recipes, gifts, decorations, Christmas cards… this year, why not create a party at home? In particular, you can create your own decorations simply by reusing your toilet paper rolls!
To inspire you, here are 4 Christmas craft ideas using toilet paper rolls to make with young and old.

1. Advent calendar

The first step to kicking off the holiday season is to equip yourself with the essential Advent calendar. Here’s a Christmas DIY with toilet paper rolls to create your own Advent calendar.

Glue 24 rolls to each other in the shape of a Christmas tree (or any other shape you like), then add the numbers 1 to 24 randomly on the different rolls. Decorate your calendar according to your desires and inspirations; all shapes and colours are allowed! Remember to add the little surprises in each section before covering it.?

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2. Toilet paper Christmas trees

A holiday must, the Christmas tree can also appear in a miniature version in every corner of the house! Useful for decorating small spaces or dressing up a village of little elves, this toilet paper roll Christmas craft can be made with your little ones.

Simply grab some toilet paper rolls, scissors, paint, glue, and additional decorations available at home (buttons, pompoms, sequins, etc.). The youngest will need supervision when cutting the cardboard tube, but can draw on and decorate their tree by themselves!

3. Toilet paper roll Santa Claus

The heart of the Christmas season is, of course, every kid’s favourite character. Here’s how to make a Santa Claus craft with toilet paper rolls.
For this decoration, grab some toilet paper rolls, red paint, glue, and cotton balls.
Start by painting the roll red to dress Santa up in his favourite colour. Remember to leave an unpainted square for his face. Then, add eyes and a nose (drawn or glued) and glue the cotton all around his face.
For his hat, cut a cardboard triangle out of another roll, paint it red, and roll it up. Add a layer of cotton on the bottom and add it to the head. Your little Santa Claus is now ready to visit the children of the house!

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4. Santa’s reindeer

Now that you have your little Santa Claus, it’s time to get him ready for his trip! Because let’s face it: he couldn’t do his job without his famous reindeer.
For this Christmas craft using toilet paper rolls, you’ll need scissors, fir branches, paint, string, and coloured pencils. Start by cutting four small rectangles in the bottom of the rolls to make the legs. Then, paint the rolls brown. Once the paint is dry, add eyes and noses (drawn or glued) and glue the antlers made of fir branches to both sides.
Finally, place the reindeer in two lines and connect them with a string. They’re ready to be harnessed for their annual trip!

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Now you have a few ideas for Christmas crafts using toilet paper rolls to get ready for the holidays as a family.
FluffTM and TuffTM love making crafts as a family by reusing! That’s why they offer you many creative ideas for reusing toilet paper rolls. After these Christmas activities with toilet paper rolls, discover our other craft ideas for all times of the year.