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Chic and synonymous with Christmas festivities, decorative Christmas crackers add a touch of warmth to any decor, and spread a little Christmas magic with the bang they make… Especially when they contain a loving surprise.

If, just like Cascades FluffTM, you love to work with others and get the kids involved in making crafty Christmas gifts with their hands… and their hearts, here’s a very cool DIY project you can make with them.

Be sure to provide a wide variety of colourful and sparkling wrapping paper and watch your kids’ eyes light up! You don’t need to invest a fortune in craft materials. This is the perfect time to use up all that scrap wrapping paper that you often end up throwing into the recycling bin because you don’t know what to do with it! Okay! Scissors, everyone


1. Write tender messages of love on small rectangles of paper

DIY toilet paper roll project step 1

2. Wrap the empty toilet paper rolls with the wrapping paper and tie off one end with ribbon

DIY toilet paper roll project step 2

3. Put some confetti inside the roll and insert a love note

DIY toilet paper roll project step 3

4. Tie off the other end

DIY toilet paper roll project step 4

5. Hand them out to the members of your family!

DIY toilet paper roll project step 5

These Christmas crackers are so cute you’ll want to have them everywhere! They’ll be the hit of your holiday table, and you, well, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone: wowing your guests with your endless originality and no longer worrying about buying place cards because you’ve got plenty of other things to think about!

These Christmas crackers also make marvellous decorations for gifts and surprises; and they’ll be the delight of everyone at your holiday gatherings. But, as you might well have guessed, what Cascades FluffTM and Cascades TuffTM really like is making them “explode” on the stroke of midnight during the countdown to the new year! Confetti raining down on everyone and little eyes filled with wonder: a magnificent way to start off the new year… while making something new out of something recycled! Remember, children learn by example!

Taking it a step further: Tips from Cascades FluffTM to turn this family DIY project into a happy and festive memory that will remain etched in the hearts of your little ones for a long time to come!

It’s up to you bring the magic of Christmas to your home. Dust off your favourite Christmas CDs and make yourselves a cup of hot chocolate as you dream about the long Christmas break coming your way!

And to get everyone into the holiday spirit even more, Cascades FluffTM suggests following your DIY project up with some cocooning in front of the TV. Put on your favourite Christmas movie and gather up the troops! There’s plenty to choose from! Why not watch your favourite Christmas movies from when you were a child, those classics that never grow old: children are curious about what you were into when you were their age and they’re always very enthusiastic when parents share these things with them.

And if it’s too cold outside for a long romp in the snow, what better than a double feature! The kids pick one movie and the adults pick the other one. Everyone’s happy! Let the fun begin…

Be as ingenious as Cascades TuffTM and keep the home fires burning this joyful season thanks to this clever tip and a few rolls of recycled toilet paper!