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During the busy holiday season, moms have their hands full trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules, plan meals, buy and wrap gifts, not to mention squeeze in quality family time. The magic of Christmas is the culmination of an intense month of preparations, and decorations go a long way toward creating a truly festive atmosphere.

The idea behind a polaroid Christmas is to create a cozy family atmosphere by making personalized decorations centred on special family moments. It will warm Mom’s heart, as she enjoys favourite snapshots and memories of her children all holiday long.

What’s more, there’s no need for an actual polaroid camera! Simply choose the best family photos from your childhood albums or the photo library on your computer. Whether they are anecdotal or kitschy, or they conjure up fond holiday memories, these photos will bring a smile to your face. Print them out and, for a true polaroid effect, cut each photo into a square and glue it to the back of a piece of white cardboard cut into the shape of the traditional polaroid frame. This step alone makes for a fun activity. So, without further ado, here are a few holiday decorating ideas for showcasing your favourite family snapshots that won’t require digging out the old family albums to relive the good old days!

DIY decoration idea: Twinkling polaroid garland

DIY decoration idea #1: Twinkling polaroid garland

Lights are a must for creating a magical atmosphere. Hang white or multicoloured garland lights on the wall, or wrap them around a column, banister or other logical place. Then, attach your photos with mini clothespins or paper clips. This simple but heartwarming decoration won’t cost you much and will bring you definite joy!

DIY decoration idea: Polaroid Advent calendar

DIY decoration idea #2: Polaroid Advent calendar

Just having an Advent calendar keeps the excitement of Christmas going right up to the day itself. Instead of unwrapping a piece of chocolate each day, why not unveil a daily family photo? This will make the tradition even more your own. You can find many DIY examples on platforms such as Pinterest, or just use your own imagination! This craft is sure to brighten your home. Plus, making your own decorations is part of the fun.

) DIY decoration idea: Polaroid tree ornament

DIY decoration idea #3: Polaroid tree ornament

The beauty of a Christmas tree is that it’s unique to every household. Whether it’s strewn with your children’s handiwork, boasts a vintage look, or is dotted with assorted or monochrome ornaments, what’s important is that it brings cheer and warmth to your home. Clipping on a few snapshots here and there will add a touch of magic and personality to your tree. You can even make decorative frames for them if you’re feeling particularly artistic!

DIY decoration paper towel origami

DIY decoration idea #4: Paper towel origami

Incorporate the polaroid Christmas theme into your holiday table! There are a number of simple origami models to transform your napkins or paper towels into something festive. For example, the crown is a classic shape that’s easy to make. You can then attach a photo to it for an appealing and original seating marker.

Photos are one of the best ways to relive fond memories. As Christmas is about spending time with family, showcasing your favourite snapshots are a potent way to spread the holiday spirit!

If you enjoy making holiday crafts as a family, Christmas crackers inserted with love notes make excellent gifts for children to give to friends and family.