Are you planning to take a trip with your family and want to make gentler choices for the planet during your stay? Whatever the destination, little habits will help you reduce your carbon footprint during your trip. To plan your next getaway, Cascades Fluff & Tuff® share their 5 tips with you!

1. Opt for suitable modes of transportation

To introduce your children to the local landscapes and culture while monitoring your environmental impact, choose group transportation options.

Rather than jumping on the first flight, opt for buses, trains, or carpooling. And for downtown getaways, use bus, subway, or tram networks, or—better yet—bike sharing!

That way, you will take the time to admire the landscapes while benefiting from more attractive prices. These modes of transportation will also allow you to be in contact with the local population, take beautiful photos, and meet other travelers!

2. Maintain your good daily habits

Prioritize the same sustainable practices you do at home! Pack your bottles and any other reusable equipment to avoid waste.

In addition, if you go camping, remember to bring your everyday products with you. For example, travel with your recycled paper towels or toilet paper for gentler and more environmentally friendly equipment.

3. Eat local

Although it’s sometimes tempting to return to our favorite restaurant chains, they don’t always offer local or sustainable products.

By choosing local grocery stores or restaurants, you not only support the locals, but you make sure to consume products from the country. Here as elsewhere, short food supply chains are the gentlest for our environment. And as much as possible, you should avoid takeout meals and favor reusable containers.

4. Choose eco-friendly hotels and accommodations

In the travel industry, each destination has its greener options, including accommodations! When you’re planning your trip, look for environmentally friendly lodgings.

National parks, for example, offer minimalist, resource-conscious accommodation options. Otherwise, aim for youth hostels or ecotourism sites that are committed to sustainability and respecting and preserving the local ecosystem.

5. Favor the responsible tourism industry

Your activities at your destination also have a major impact on the environment. Opt for slow tourism activities. For all your outings in nature, privilege outdoor activities and local projects, such as:
• Hikes;
• Bike rides;
• Canoe or kayak trips on the waters;
• Tours of farms, local producers, or animal sanctuaries;
• And (why not?) participate in volunteer activities as a family!

In addition to getting you moving during your vacation, these activities allow you to admire the local landscapes and wildlife at the pace of nature!

Plan your next family vacation

With these few travel tips, you can plan eco-friendly family trips, whatever the destination! Accommodations, transportation, or activities, plan each step together to enjoy a wonderful trip and make your children aware of the impacts of our choices.

Let’s do our part to travel more consciously and preserve ecosystems both here and abroad! And check out our blog for other ideas of eco-friendly gestures for the whole family.

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