Ski season is finally here. The gear has been unpacked, and so have the snowsuits; skiers young and old are ready to softly hit the slopes. But have you thought about what to do after everyone is done skiing? Here’s the ideal scenario to keep the good times going with your family.

Before you leave

Think ahead: make sure the coziest pyjamas and slippers are ready for when you get back. That way, you just have to slip them on after taking your snowsuits off at the end of the day.

One last thing before driving off to the ski resort: head to the kitchen and grab the slow cooker. Wonton soup, braised beef with mushrooms, roasted turkey with cranberries, a squash curry—the possibilities are endless. Just put your family’s favourite ingredients in the slow cooker, and maybe pick the ones that will fill your house with a comforting aroma.

At the ski resort

Once you’ve arrived, the kids will impatiently want to get into their ski books. After all, winter fun is their strong suit! They may be satisfied after a few runs. If they still have some energy, consider checking out some after-ski activities.

Many resorts organize special events and offer ski-related activities. Companies in the area may also have different offers. Take the opportunity to do some luge or dogsledding. It’s worth it: Quebec’s mountain landscapes are breathtaking in the winter!

At the end of the day, before hitting the road, take the time to sit around the fire by the resort’s main chalet to relax. This will set the stage for the grand finale…

Back at home

After an incredible day with the family filled with fun and laughter—and maybe a few falls—the moment has finally arrived. Good thing, too, because everything’s ready and you can now relax in the comfort of home. Plus, it smells so good!

For a bonding time that is soft as down, throw the clothes you set aside that morning in the dryer before putting them on. Gather around with some hot cocoa, turn the TV on and find the fireplace channel, making sure you can hear the crackling of the fire. It’s time to think back to the wonderful day everyone had, with some pine-scented candles burning around you.

Regain the energy you spent skiing down the hills by sitting around the table and enjoying a hot, comforting meal.

Some of you may want to end your day with a movie. How about a holiday classic? You could also play a game of Monopoly or do some arts and crafts with some Cascades Fluff® toilet paper rolls.

Sit together and spend some time together. That’s all that matters!