Back to school has officially arrived, so it’s time to plan for the new school year! Would you like to start the year off right and adopt new habits to reduce your ecological footprint? We share with you some eco-friendly actions for your home that are effective and easy to implement.

1. Buy local

These days, shopping local is at the heart of our concerns when it comes to reducing our ecological footprint. By buying local, you make sure to reduce product transport times and thereby avoid additional greenhouse gas emissions!
This is also a great way to discover and encourage Quebec businesses, to eat seasonal foods grown near you, and to encourage short shipments.
Many initiatives can help you find businesses that offer products from Quebec. For example, the Solution Locale site lets you find local businesses by region.

2. Little eco-friendly gestures for school

In addition to using public transit or greener modes of transportation as much as possible, taking little eco-friendly actions during your daily school routine can make a difference!
In particular, you can help reduce your ecological footprint at school by using reusable utensils and containers, such as:

• Bamboo utensils
• Reusable water bottles
• Packaging made from recycled materials
• Lunch boxes

And to continue the eco-friendly gestures at school, choose to reuse! Opt for second-hand books and equipment, choose bulk products for snacks, and avoid single-use packaging.

3. Focus on reusing and creating

These days, there are many local and eco-friendly alternatives to replace disposable everyday products or even create them yourself! Your home is full of wonders that can be reused to create eco-friendly solutions for your different needs. Household products, cosmetics, and everyday items can be reinvented to reduce your ecological footprint.
Our advice: start by taking stock piece by piece. For example, explore your bathroom products. Collect your shampoo and shower gel bottles and even your jars of creams. These can be used to shop for your next bulk products or even to create them yourself!
For an eco-friendly gesture for your home, discover our guide on making your own laundry soap.

4. Opt for recyclable and recycled packaging

To continue the cycle of the materials and prevent them from ending up in the garbage unnecessarily, recycling remains an important element in reducing your ecological footprint. By reducing our amount of single-use waste, we can adopt a greener lifestyle and gradually reduce single-use waste!
Cascades Fluff & Tuff® is contributing in its own way to reducing the ecological footprint with the launch of our new packaging made entirely from recycled resin in the fall of 2021! Our Enviro products are also made from 100% recycled fibres.

Small changes can make a big impact

One step at a time, little efforts and creative solutions help create a green lifestyle while respecting the rhythm of the family.
At Cascades, we’re also doing our part to reduce our ecological footprint. Our Cascades Fluff® Enviro and Cascades Tuff® Enviro lines offer toilet paper and paper towels made from recycled fibres. Discover our other benefits to learn more about our commitments.