Halloween is a time of candy, jokes, and little scares, but—especially—a time of fun for children. Are you looking for ideas for decorations to create as a family to mark this special time of year? Cascades Fluff & Tuff® has put together some ideas for Halloween crafts using toilet paper rolls that can be made by all ages!

To create them, you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint and/or coloured pencils
  • Coloured paper
  • Old fabrics
  • Toilet paper scraps
  • Pieces of rope

This year, the house will be proudly adorned with DIY decorations to welcome the little ghosts, vampires, and wizards to your door!

1. Hanging toilet paper ghosts

Emblematic of this holiday, these little ghosts kick off our list of Halloween decorations with toilet paper rolls. Handy for recycling your old rolls and easy to create, they can even be made with toddlers.

Take your cardboard rolls and start by painting them white. Once the paint has dried, draw the faces of your ghosts on them. Then, take some pieces of toilet paper and cut them lengthwise. Glue them inside the roll, near the bottom.
Then, make two small holes at the top of the roll to pass a piece of string through.

2. Bats

Adorable and simple to make, these bats fit into any corner of the house to add a touch of Halloween. With a few toilet paper rolls, some paint, a little glue, and a pair of scissors, you can create cute Halloween decorations as a family.
Start by painting your rolls black. While they dry, cut the wings for your bats out of coloured paper (your choice of colour). Then, glue them to both sides of the painted roll.

For the ears, fold the ends of the roll inward and glue them to the middle. This shape also works for cats! Then, add the eyes and mouth by cutting shapes out of paper or gluing ready-made googly eyes.

If you don’t have any paint, you can simply draw the eyes and mouth on the cardboard. The result will be just as cute!
Psst! If you want to stay within the theme of bats, check out our article dedicated to creating little Halloween candy boxes with a similar look.

3. Little monster candle jars

In this time of long nights, candles add a touch of light to the household! These candle jars will make for a Halloween toilet paper roll craft that’s simple and fun to create.

Cut your toilet paper rolls slightly above the size of your candle holders. For a safe decoration, use battery-powered lanterns. Cut eyes, mouths, teeth, wings, or hands out of coloured paper and add them to your rolls. Add the colours, shapes, and patterns that appeal to you.

Finally, cut small holes in the eyes to let the light shine through, and enjoy your new Halloween candle jars!

4. Little mummies

As a final Halloween craft idea with paper towel rolls, we propose adorable little mummies! Ideal for doing some waste recovery while decorating the house.

Start by painting paper towel rolls black for the background. Then, glue on ready-made eyes or draw them directly on the rolls. Then, cut pieces of toilet paper or white fabric into strips. The final (and most fun) step is to wrap your little dudes in these strips, adding glue in certain places to hold it all together.

Simple ideas for moments of fun

These Halloween toilet paper roll crafts are sure to create fun moments as a family while decorating every room in the house. They also let you continue the life cycle of the materials by recovering your rolls!

For an even more eco-friendly version, consider using recycled bathroom tissue. Good for the house, and for all your crafts!