Keeping the kids entertained has been so exciting since the delightful FluffTM and TuffTM joined the family. Looking for more activities? We made you a list of ideas that are both educational and fun that children of all ages will enjoy.

1. Story writing

If your kids have wild imaginations yet always want same bedtime story, try this. Get into a fun little brainstorming session with them to come up with a short story on the lives of FluffTM and TuffTM. Follow a simple narrative structure (introduction, conflict, action, resolution) and jot down the ideas. Take inspiration from the various FluffTM and TuffTM drawings, print them out, and have your kids colour them. At bedtime, you can tell them the story and showcase their creativity.

2. Activity for fans of biology

If your kids love science, have them create a fact sheet on rabbits. What is the natural habitat for rabbits like FluffTM and TuffTM? What do they like to eat? What are baby rabbits called? It’s the perfect opportunity for them to learn and to spark their curiosity.

3. Super FluffTM and TuffTM to the rescue

Are your favourite bunnies a part of a league of extraordinary superheroes? Ask your kids what superpowers FluffTM and TuffTM have and make up a story with the characters. You can even use scraps of fabric to make them costumes like capes and masks.

4. Rabbit burrow

Building a fort is one of those activities that all kids love. For a new twist on an old classic, help them build a giant rabbit burrow. Use recycled carton boxes, pillows and blankets. Make sure there’s an opening wide enough to let in some light—but not too wide, so your kids and their stuffed animals can hide away when they’re feeling sneaky.

5. Vet hospital

Encourage your doctors-in-training to take care of their bunnies’ health. Using homemade stethoscopes and a little health booklet, you can ask them to give FluffTM and TuffTM a checkup and to listen to their chests. These little creatures can be so clumsy and get hurt easily! If they find an issue, your kids can prescribe them some rest, some cozy blankets, and lots of cuddles.

For more inspiration, discover the different personality aspects to FluffTM and TuffTM. They’ll be your favourite new playmates.