Your two favourite bunnies, Fluff and Tuff, surely don’t need any introduction. The moment you saw them, you instantly adopted them as your own (admit it—it was easy!), and you love to see them both at home and on TV.

But how well do you really know them? Hiding behind Fluff’s gentle softness and Tuff’s sturdy toughness are two little bunnies with a lot of personality. 

Discover the different aspects of each bunny’s personality—they might just remind you of certain members of your own family or circle of friends!



Fluff is a funny bunny.

You’ve probably already guessed this one. Fluff loves to play tricks, and everyone quickly falls for this little joker’s charming ways. If you have kids that love to laugh, he’ll get along great with them.


Fluff is eco-friendly.

It’s great to have fun sometimes, but for Fluff there are some things that are no laughing matter, like the environment. If you need any help with recycling, composting or learning how to become a zero-waste family, Fluff is the expert you’re looking for.


Fluff is a big romantic.

There’s a reason why he’s so soft: Fluff is very romantic. This is a sensitive, extremely passionate bunny that will put a lot of love into your everyday life. With eyes as soft as his fur, you’re sure to feel love at first sight.


Fluff is shy.

This gentle little creature is just waiting to be petted and loved. Once he feels secure, he’ll fulfill your every desire and be the most affectionate member of your circle of friends.


Fluff is clumsy.

Oops! It’s true that Fluff has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. But remember that it’s just part of his charm. Not one day goes by without his slipping up somehow, but he’s really good at making amends. And don’t forget about his affectionate cuddles that will be sure to comfort big and little boo-boos alike.



Tuff is a sporty bunny.

Tuff loves sports. Put a challenge in front of him and he’s sure to take it on! Good at every activity, he loves to work out with his family and comes to everyone’s sporting events. Even when he’s relaxing, Tuff takes the opportunity to watch a few games on TV with Dad and loves to talk stats.


Tuff is curious.

He loves new experiences. Behind all those muscles is a lively rabbit, intelligent and enthusiastic, who loves to learn and share his knowledge. He gets along great with little bookworms.


Tuff is an explorer.

Besides using his brain, Tuff loves to set off at a hop to discover new places. He’s the ideal travel partner, since he’s interested in discovering and preserving the whole planet. He’ll be really happy if you bring him along on family trips.


Tuff is tenacious.

Some people say he’s stubborn, but really he’s just an ambitious little rabbit. Like a superhero, Tuff isn’t afraid of anything and will do whatever it takes to protect his family. If there’s anyone you can count on, it’s him.


Tuff is a joker. 

Life is a lot more fun if you can keep smiling, and that’s exactly what Tuff does. He loves to cheer people up with jokes and by making faces. Never boring, he enjoys putting on a show and can make even the grouchiest of people laugh.

Now that you’ve been able to get to know Fluff and Tuff a lot better, why not turn the experience into a game for the whole family? Match Fluff’s and Tuff’s personality traits to members of your family or any of your friends. Write your answers down on a piece of paper. Once everyone is finished, compare your answers!