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Now that Halloween is almost here, and the whole family is getting in on the excitement, why not use the remaining time productively by getting your littlest monsters to create special treats that they can share with their favourite people? Young and old alike will be charmed by these cute little ghosties filled with their favourite candies.

Some will love the fact that they can treat themselves to a sweet little snack, while others will be delighted by the originality of the idea. Take advantage of this opportunity to create some wonderful memories with your kids by making the craft together! Oh, and by the way, nobody will tell if you sneak a quick taste. Delicious!


1. Cut out circles of white fabric and cut your empty rolls into two equal pieces.

étape 1

2. Place a half-roll in the centre of each circle of fabric.

step 2

3. Place candies inside the roll.

step 3

4. Use black ribbon to tie off the base.

step 4

5. Stick on two eyes.

step 5

6. Surprise your kids!

step 6

If the mood strikes you, why not encourage you little artists to use some empty rolls to amaze you with their own creations? Fun and laughter are guaranteed, along with a few surprises!

The Internet is full of fun craft ideas for fall and Halloween! Here are four links that will help you unleash your creativity:

If you are the type who prefers to enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors, take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to go on a family hike, and don’t forget to stop and look around you. Nature is in celebration mode, and the magnificent colours are designed to provide you with the most exciting of all fall activities: creating your own herb box!

It’s a well-known fact that nobody has a better eye for spotting nature’s most marvelous creations than a child! Start your collecting with a grand adventure! The best part of this activity is that everyone can pick out their own treasures!

Of course, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be any squabbles between family members as you go about it, but nature is so vast and abundant that there should be no need to fight it out over the BEST LEAF EVER!

When you get home, place your treasures between the pages of a book to dry, and wait patiently, preferably for a few weeks. While they wait, encourage your kids to browse the Internet with us as we search for the best ideas for scrapbooking their herb boxes.

What if you aren’t very artistic or you aren’t really comfortable with DIY-type crafts? Don’t worry? Pinterest has you covered! There’s no shame in drawing inspiration from others to make your own activities more exciting! Here are a few links to get you started!

The rest is up to you!

Enjoy your hike!

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