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Absorbent paper towels


Because you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and sometimes things can get a little messy, absorbent Extreme paper towels are a friend you can count on.

The most absorbent of the family!

Cascades uses 85% less water* when manufacturing its product**

With extreme absorbency due to its unique Absorbent Cells® technology, it keeps its shape when wet

The strength of a TADe® product absorption without compromise!


Always more for you and the environment

Absorbent paper towels

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Cascades benefits*


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85% less

water used as compared to the Canadian paper industry average
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Enough water saved

to supply the Niagara Falls for 10 hours
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45 million

trees saved annually
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Always more

for nature
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made in Canada
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* Cascades Canada ULC

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