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Cascades Tuff® Extreme paper towels are the most absorbent of the family! From sopping up spilled milk to cleaning the windows in the spring, no job is too hard!

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  • Cascades Tuff<sup>®</sup> Extreme - 6 JUMBO rolls - 88 sheets
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The most absorbent of the family!

Eco-friendly paper towels

Cascades Tuff® Extreme paper towels were designed to do more for you, and for the environment, every day! Is absorbency your top priority in a paper towel? Perfect! You will be delighted to know that you no longer need to compromise in order to adopt more eco-friendly habits and use less paper. More absorbency, less paper, same results.

An absorbent paper towel thanks to TADe technology®

Cascades Tuff® Extreme paper towels have definitely earned their name! They provide you with extreme absorbency thanks to TADe technology®, a process that is unique in North America. Now there is no more need to waste multiple sheets to get rid of splashes and stains.

Cascades uses 85% less water* when manufacturing its product**

With extreme absorbency due to its unique Absorbent Cells® technology, it keeps its shape when wet