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Our absorbent paper towels

Cascades Tuff® Extreme

Cascades Tuff® Extreme is the most absorbent member of the family! Whether you need to clean up spilled milk or wash your windows in the springtime, no challenge is too great for this highly absorbent product!

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Environmental certifications

Absorbent paper

Sustainably made

Leading the way with eco-friendliness

We are always striving to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible!

Water conservation

We save enough water to keep Niagara Falls flowing for 11 hours*.

Environmentally friendly paper towels

Our Cascades Tuff® Extreme paper towels are great for everyday use – and the environment! Thanks to its high absorption capacity, you can adopt more eco-friendly habits and use less paper overall. It’s the perfect combination!

Highly absorbent paper thanks to TADe® technology

It’s thanks to TADe® technology, a process that’s unique in North America, that we’re able to provide you with extreme absorption capacity. No need to run through multiple sheets to tackle spills and stains!

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