Bathroom tissue Cascades Fluff® Ultra

For those who are looking for maximum softness, Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue is the softest of the family. The incomparable softness will quickly make it one of your favourites!

Cascades Fluff® Ultra is twice as thick as conventional products! Thanks to TADe technology®a process that is unique in North America, it features improved quilting and superior-quality thickness! Enjoy the comforting softness that you will want to experience day after day.

Available in a variety of sizes

  •  Cascades Fluff<sup>®</sup> Ultra - 8 rolls - 165 sheets
  •  Cascades Fluff<sup>®</sup> Ultra - 12 rolls - 165 sheets
  •  Cascades Fluff<sup>®</sup> Ultra - 24 rolls - 165 sheets
Cascades Fluff

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The softest of the family!

Gentler on the environment

The feeling of softness on your skin should never mean compromising when it comes to being gentle on the environment! We are proud to say that Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue has received many eco-friendly certifications. Being soft for you and gentle on nature is one of the core values that Cascades has held right from the very beginning!

Hypoallergenic bathroom tissue

Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue is also hypoallergenic! That means that it is perfect for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

With no added scents or dyes, Cascades Fluff® Ultra bathroom tissue is perfect for every member of the family, and even more perfect for those who require a softer touch.

Plumbing-friendly bathroom tissue

Like all other products in our Cascades Fluff® line of bathroom tissue, Ultra is safe for your pipes and for your home’s septic system.

Cascades uses 85% less water* when manufacturing its product**

Improved quilted softness

2x thicker compared to a conventional product