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Our soft toilet paper

Cascades Fluff® Ultra

Looking for gentle and soft toilet paper? Cascades Fluff® Ultra is made for you! It’s the softest member of the family, and its unparalleled feel will make it an instant favourite!
Cascades Fluff® Ultra is twice as thick as the average toilet roll! Backed by TADe® technology, it features superior cushioning and premium quality thickness! Comfort and softness is yours for the taking.

Our ultra soft toilet paper is available in the following formats

Sustainable consumption

Improved softness and cushioning

Twice as thick

86% less water*

Cascades uses 86% less water to manufacture its

TADe® product

Superior quality thanks to TADe® technology, a manufacturing process that’s unique in North America.

Eco-friendly toilet paper

“Soft on skin” should never mean “tough on the environment!” We are proud to share that Cascades Fluff® Ultra soft toilet paper has earned a number of eco certifications. Being gentle on you and the environment has always been one of Cascades’ most important values!

Our softest toilet paper is also septic safe!

Just like all of the other products in our Cascades Fluff® line, our Ultra toilet paper poses no risk to your home’s pipes or standard septic system.

Hypoallergenic toilet paper

Cascades Fluff® Ultra is also hypoallergenic! It is therefore suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive.
Free from dyes and scents, our ultra soft toilet paper is perfect for every member of the family, both big and small!

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