If you’re looking for eco-friendly gift ideas such as local or reusable products or items made from recycled materials, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together the 10 best eco-friendly gift ideas for you.

1. A beautiful indoor plant

To surprise your friends with a special present, bring them a beautiful potted plant. They brighten up the interior of a house, office, or apartment and add a splash of color.

To make the gift even more ethical, you can go to an independent shop that offers local plants. You can also opt for a gift card so that your friend can choose the best option!

2. A vegan or vegetarian cookbook

A useful and sustainable gift, offering a cookbook is a good idea, because it allows you to reinvent everyday habits with new ideas in the kitchen! Introduce your loved ones to delicious vegan or vegetarian dishes!

3. Natural beauty products

Beauty products in the slow cosmetics model are a great eco-friendly gift idea.

These products are designed according to sustainable processes and made with local and natural materials. A perfect present for birthdays or for the holidays, especially if the recipient loves to take care of their skin!

4. A set of trendy reusable bags

Made from burlap, cotton, or recycled materials, reusable grocery bags allow you to replace single-use plastic bags and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

In addition, they fit easily into your cars, luggage racks, and handbags, ready to be used.

5. Jewelry made from recycled materials

Designing jewelry with recycled materials helps give new life to materials rather than leaving them in the landfill. And many local artisans make it for you! A special gift for the ones you love and an ecological gift from Quebec that is original, artisanal, and committed to avoiding waste.

6. Recycled stationery items

Whether it’s pencils, notebooks, or other useful office items, spoil your loved ones who love writing or drawing with recycled equipment. These items are made from recycled paper, which allows used paper to be put back into circulation. The perfect gift that avoids buying new!

7. Organic cotton bath towels and bed sheets

Have your friends or children just moved into their first home? Why not give them a set of organic cotton bath towels or bed sheets? By choosing this type of product, you favor responsible and sustainable materials. A perfect present to help them set up their new nest.

8. Natural household cleaning products

Many Quebec-based companies offer products with a gentle environmental impact. Choose products made from natural ingredients and biodegradable materials in reusable or recyclable packaging. And why not add a guide to making your own household cleaning products? An educational, eco-friendly, and practical gift!

9. Eco-friendly kitchen accessories

When it comes to the kitchen, there is a wide range of practical and reusable accessories that replace disposable products to show your loved ones, such as beeswax packaging, bamboo cutlery, reusable dishes, or pretty lunch boxes.

10. Local gift baskets

Finally, if you can’t choose between all these sustainable gift ideas, you can give your loved ones an eco-friendly gift basket! By choosing those gift boxes or baskets, you promote short consumption circuits, which has a positive impact on the local economy.

Simple, sustainable, and local ideas for young and old

eco friendly present ideas

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