Want to test your memory while having fun? Here’s a simple game you can print to entertain you and your kids!


  • Download this PDF and print it at home. You can use regular white paper or a thicker white paper if you have some available
  • To print, be sure you select the Duplex mode in your printer’s settings, so the cards are printed on both sides of the paper. If you don’t have a colour printer or would like to save on ink, download the black and white version.
  • Using scissors, cut out the cards along the lines.
  • Time to exercise everyone’s memories with FluffTM and TuffTM!

How to play

Once all the cards have been cut out, it’s time to play!

Shuffle the cards well and place them into 4 rows of 5 cards. The youngest player goes first, followed by the player to their left, and so on. The player flips 2 cards, and if they match, the player keeps the pair. However, if the cards don’t match, the player must place them back in their original position. A player’s turn continues as long as they find pairs. The game ends when there are no more cards in play.

The player with the most pairs wins!

As a bonus, we suggest keeping the fun going by printing out these drawings of your favourite bunnies and colouring them. Ready, set, draw!