If there’s one Easter tradition that kids eagerly look forward to, it’s the Easter morning egg hunt! Here, Cascades Fluff & Tuff® gives  you some unique egg hunt ideas that are easy to pull off and will appeal to chocolate lovers of all ages. They’re a sure-fire way to make Easter that much more memorable!

1. Make them work for it

One way to shake things up and make the game last longer is by incorporating some clever challenges. Explain to your kids that they’ll have to master a challenge in order to access other places where more eggs are hidden. Positione yourself in strategic spots, and stop the kids and present them with age-appropriate challenges. As an alternative, write the challenges down on slips of paper and sneak them into the eggs—then sit back and watch it all unfold! Some ideas for challenges: ask the kids to sing songs, solve mathematical equations, or jump rope 10 times. It’ll have everyone laughing, guaranteed!

2. Add some colour!

In your egg hunt, use two different egg colours symbolizing two age-appropriate levels of difficulty. Or, divide participants into two teams and challenge them to find all of the eggs that match their team colour. That way, everyone can play at their own pace! If you want to add another twist to the game, hide an extra-special egg (e.g. one that’s gold). The seeker who finds it will win an extra-special prize!

3. Make it count!

Typically, eggs are filled with chocolate or candy. This year, why not add point cards to the eggs! After all the eggs are found, the kids can open them, and count up their points. The one with the most points can then be the first to pick from a selection of fun prizes. Some ideas for prizes: a book, movie tickets, an activity, art supplies, etc.

4. Drop some hints

To help your kids find the eggs (and get their brains working), we suggest adding little step-by-step clues as to the eggs’ whereabouts. To prevent the wind from blowing away the bits of paper that the clues are written on, a favourite trick of ours (that you can use!) is old tissue paper rolls. Place the clue inside the roll, then wrap it up in tissue paper or gift wrap.

5. Follow the bunny tracks

Yep—we thought of everything! We even recreated Cascades Fluff & Tuff®’s tracks (click on the image below and print it in your browser) so you can make it look like our furry friends hid the eggs. Not only will the paw prints help seekers find the elusive eggs, but they’ll set the kids’ imagination into high gear.

If the kids are still full of energy once the egg hunt is over and they’ve eaten their chocolates, help them to relax with a bunny-drawing tutorial! Or, grab a few markers and sit them down with our printable colouring pages featuring FluffTM and TuffTM.

Happy Easter!