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There’s nothing like a little DIY to kick off some family fun. And if it’s as practical to use as it is fun to make, all the better!

Kids can sometimes have trouble painting and stringing beads. This short video offers up some cool techniques that can make it easier for them.

Happy DIY-ing!

You will need:

  • wooden beads of various sizes
  • cotton or wool string/yarn
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • wooden skewers
  • tape
  • scissors
  • a cardboard roll from toilet paper or paper towel




1. Clean the counter top with Cascades Tuff & a cleaning product.

2. Start by lining up a few beads to get a sense of the desired order.


3. Thread the first bead on a skewer and block it off using a piece of tape. Repeat this process with the remaining beads.

4. Paint the beads and set them aside to dry with the skewer tips leaning on a Cascades Tuff or Cascades Fluff roll.


5. Get the string/yarn ready. For a paper towel roll, you’ll need about 40 inches.

6. Make a loop at one end and tie with a knot.


7. To make it easier to thread the beads, wrap a small piece of tape around the other end of the string/yarn.


8. Thread the beads based on the desired order and tie the end with a knot.