Don’t you just love the magnificent colours of fall? Are you looking for exciting ideas for outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy? That’s great, because after apple picking comes … pumpkin picking!

Why not make it a family outing and pick your own at a pumpkin-picking farm? A beautiful sunny day, a family picnic with a big thermos filled with homemade soup, and off you go! Everyone into the car!  This year, you will be the talk of the town with the best decorated pumpkins in the neighbourhood!

In keeping with our appreciation of the generosity of nature, don’t forget to pick up some wonderfully tasty squash once Halloween is over. There are a thousand and one ways to enjoy squash, from soup to tajine, and even dessert! (Oh yes! Pumpkin pie really does exist, and it’s well worth the trip: Recipe).

If you don’t have time to cook, stock your freezer with squash after it has been cut up and cleaned. Now it’s ready to be used whenever you want it! You will be glad of the chance to prolong the pleasure of fall well into the winter months, and to warm up your household with quick and delicious dishes!