Love to bake with your little munchkins, but don’t have the time or the patience? We’ve got you covered! We’ve found a few really great recipe ideas that are perfect for little chefs with small hands!

  • The Cuisinons en famille website (French only) is chock-full of realistic advice, practical tips and recipes for creating fun, simple dishes with your kids.
  • Notre famille (French only) has a few sweet and salty recipes you can make with your kids.
  • Tête à modeler (French only) contains quick, practical recipes to help you teach your children how to make everyday home-cooked meals.

Interested, but not quite ready to take the plunge? Here are a few unbeatable tips (in French only) to pique the curiosity of your little monkeys and make them want to cook too!

And keep in mind what’s most important about cooking as a family: being together, having fun and sharing good times.

So adapt the level of difficulty to the age of your child and be sure to postpone recipes that involve flour if you don’t feel you want to deal with the flour mess! Children love it when you give them responsibility. So why not take this opportunity to teach them the ABCs of a clean work surface before and after cooking? It’s easy when you’ve got Cascades TuffTM on your side! Cascades TuffTM: Always there to help!

And pouf, you’re done! The work space is clean and ready for your culinary magic! You make the dough; the kids add the filling and help you pinch the sides together, making pretty designs and decorations as they go along. And voila… everyone’s happy!

Enjoy cooking with your kids? Try this curried pumpkin and apple soup recipe from Cascades TuffTM.