Cascades FluffTM and Cascades TuffTM have joined forces with some very talented content creators from every corner of the blogosphere. New articles will be added throughout the year, and you will find a multitude of tips and advice to make your family’s life easier. Softness and smart ideas are always only a click away! This blog is built around three themes that you can easily choose from using the filter:

  • SOFT: Cascades FluffTM and friends will be delighted to share a wealth of ideas that will add a touch of softness to your everyday life.
  • CLEVER: Cascades TuffTM and partners will offer tips and advice for becoming more efficient and more organized while being environmentally friendly. This section is intended to provide you with smart ideas that will make your life easier!
  • PRODUCTS: Cascades Fluff & TuffTM will guide you through your exploration of every aspect of these new products, which are made for you and made for natureTM*! You will also discover all of the little extras that Cascades FluffTM and Cascades TuffTM have to offer!

So go ahead and enjoy this blog, which we hope will be an inspiration for young and old alike! Because above all, Cascades Fluff & TuffTM are here to ensure that your family’s daily life is filled with softness and smart ideas. Happy reading!

*Products made from responsibly managed fibres.