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Summer: the season I’ve been impatiently awaiting. For me, summer means freedom. It’s pretty much the only time of year when I feel okay about setting routines aside to fully enjoy the day (especially if it’s sunny) with my kids.

And one of the very best parts of summer is that I can pull out my popsicle recipes again. As soon as temperatures start to climb, I grab the molds out of the cupboard and get ready to make enough for an army. 😉

I wanted to share a few super quick recipes. They use minimal ingredients and are a sure hit with my kids.

summer inspired Popsicle recipes

Fruit Surprise Pops

I hate waste, and making popsicles is one of the best ways I’ve found to use up fruit that my family won’t give a second look. Once summer rolls around, I like to make sure I’ve always got a container of yogurt on hand to make this recipe.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • 2 cups (500 ml) yogurt (plain, vanilla or Greek)*
  • 2 cups (500 ml) fruit surprise: any leftover fruit you have (peaches, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango, kiwi …)
  • *If you’re using plain yogurt, I recommend adding 2-3 tablespoons (30 to 45 ml) of honey or maple syrup to cut the bitterness. You can also add pineapple juice (around 4 tablespoons (60 ml) or to taste).

For added protein and fibre, add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of chia seeds to the mix.


  1. Dice up the fruit. Or you can puree the fruit if you prefer. Then just add sugar (about ¼ cup (65 ml) for every 2 cups (500 ml) of fruit).
  2. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
  3. Transfer the mixture to the molds.
  4. Place the molds in the freezer for at least 5 hours.
  5. Switch things up with different fruit pairings—you might be pleasantly surprised! Our favourite combos are strawberry/kiwi, mango/pineapple and peach/raspberry.

Lemonade Fieldberry Pops

This is probably one of our favourite recipes at the house, because I feel like nothing says summer like the taste of lemonade 😉 The combo of lemon and berry flavours is simply perfect. These frozen treats always seem to disappear in a flash!


  • 6 lemons
  • 1 cup (250 ml) sugar
  • 6 cups (1.5 l) cold water
  • Fieldberries (raspberries, strawberries or blueberries)


  1. In a small pot, mix 1 cup (250 ml) of water with the cup of sugar. Heat on medium until the sugar has completely dissolved (about 2-3 minutes). Let syrup cool to room temperature.
  2. In the meantime, juice the lemons.
  3. Combine the lemon juice with 5 cups (1.25 l) of cold water. Mix. Gradually stir in the syrup to the mixture. If you like your lemonade a bit sweeter, add all of the syrup, otherwise add to taste.
  4. If you want to use strawberries, cut them into thin slices. For other kinds of berries, you can add them directly to the molds.
  5. Fill the molds with the lemonade until ¾ full.
  6. Add the fruit.
  7. Place the molds in the freezer for at least 5 hours.

That’s it! I’m sure these recipes will be a big hit this summer!

And to wipe your hands a little sticky, you just need a sheet of paper towel a little wet! Have a great summer!