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Aromatherapy is to the sense of smell what a work of art is to the eye or a softly playing symphony is to the ear: a balm for the spirit against the daily bombardment of stimuli. Without delving into the complex world of naturopathy, suffice it to say that using essential oils in your home can be extremely beneficial, particularly for managing stress.

Whether it is to help you drift off to sleep, enjoy a hot bath, invigorate your senses or soften the mood in a room, appealing to the senses by playing with natural fragrances will leave your family feeling Zen, both physically and psychologically.


Essential oils scents for aromatherapy

The properties and uses of essential oils vary widely. When it comes to selecting the oils you need, determining what ails you and the kinds of scents you prefer is a good starting point. That said, if your goal is to create a calming atmosphere, certain scents are timeless classics.

  • Lavender: In addition to its pronounced scent that acts as a natural calming agent, lavender oil diffused in a bedroom favours smoother breathing and gentle, restorative sleep. Ideal for people with asthma or other breathing problems, or even those who have trouble falling asleep.
  • Exotic basil: Basil is not just a cooking herb. Exotic basil, among others, is equally enjoyable diffused in common living spaces or inhaled directly from the bottle. Known for its anti-anxiety properties, it will give Mom the boost she needs to get her through her tiring schedule.
  • Balsam fir: A homegrown favourite that is great year-round, especially once its benefits begin to kick in. Ideal for stabilizing and managing emotions, this essential oil also helps improve concentration by eliminating mental fatigue. Why not diffuse it during your children’s homework time!


The best way to get into aromatherapy is to purchase one or more essential oil diffusers. With a wide range of products on the market in terms of style and price, there is something for everyone.

Some emit a humidifying mist, while others diffuse the oil by means of a fan. Others still can be placed directly on the counter to gradually release the scent. While certain diffusers heat up the oils, cold diffusers are a practical option, as they better preserve the oils’ properties and fragrances during diffusion, thus maximizing the desired calming effect in the home!