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In life, I am the kind of mom who takes her children everywhere with her. I consider it to be the best way to teach them to be good citizens; it teaches them patience, politeness and to respect people’s personal space. If we want them to know how to act in public, they have to practise!

But there was a specific place and event where I didn’t feel at ease taking my children: to a wedding.
The only problem was that I was the one getting married this year. So I had no choice: my children were going to be there.
Therefore, I gave much thought to the logistics involved, to maximize our efficiency and to avoid having to bring forty-twelve suitcases for the day.

Here are my tips and things that you must absolutely have in your bag:

1- Bring wet paper towels in a reusable pouch. Because there are small messes on clothes that are much easier to remove with them then a regular baby wipe: you don’t have to rub as hard and they are softer on skin! They are also useful for makeup touch-ups!

2- An extra set of clothes that are more comfortable for the children, but still chic and/or pyjamas for later in the evening.

The outfit in the picture is from Konfo et tralala.

3- When our children are “dressed up,” we tend to forget that we also need to protect them from the sun, especially if the ceremony is outside. I suggest you find a hat that is dressy, but that you can also reuse. I just love Bertille et Léon hats.

4- For the same reason as number 3, don’t forget to slip some sunscreen in your bag.

5- A bib WITH sleeves, is definitely a must to keep dressy clothes clean. Here, we prefer those by Omaïki (and the birthday pattern is very appropriate).

6- Bring a few toys to keep them busy during the ceremony: a new toy or book is always a winner. Also, “light sticks” can definitely save the evening and help little ones be more patient between meal courses. Bring along a few extras to share!

7- Slip earmuffs for noise in your bag also. I think they are very practical for babies and toddlers who will fall asleep before the end of the evening. Earmuffs help keep them from waking up several times.

8- Choose a stroller in which your baby will be able to fall asleep comfortably.

9- Bring two blankies: one to cover your little one and the other one to put over the stroller once he or she is asleep (a thin blanket of course).

10- My last tip is to relax. If your children have been invited to the wedding, the newlyweds know that it is possible that your little one could cry when they are exchanging their vows, or that your older one could steal the show on the dance floor. Have fun. Dance with your children, create memories, take beautiful family pictures. And teach them to celebrate love!