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If there is one thing we learn when we become a parent, it’s that the costs of family outings can add up awfully quickly. Even a simple evening at the movies can wind up costing an arm and a leg.

Since “outing” budgets are not what they were before having kids, it is important to choose carefully. However, I want to point out that a smaller budget doesn’t mean less fun. Quite the contrary!

In fact, it’s for this very reason that I want to share with you a few family activities that cost less than $20. You’ll see, they’re easy and I’m certain that they’ll create wonderful memories.

1. Power outage evening

When I was young, I loved it when the power went out at home. Since there were no distractions (TV, computer), we would cozy up as a family to play board games by candlelight or to enjoy an improvised meal.

We would also take the opportunity to tell stories by the glow of a flashlight while huddled under a blanket. Since power outages can’t be planned, why not pretend? Shut everything off for one evening, including the TV, tablet, cell phone and lights. Use a flashlight or lantern as a light source.

Then, take the opportunity to play games you haven’t played in a while, to tell stories or even look back at some memorable moments by leafing through photo albums.

This is an easy activity that allows you to take full advantage of family time.

2. A drive with no destination

We have a tendency to try to plan every minute detail; why not leave this habit behind and take a drive with no precise destination?

Prepare a picnic or snack, but without knowing where you will be eating it. Get in the car and let the kids show you the way!

You’re sure to make some nice discoveries. Loads of fun and giggles guaranteed!

3. Invent me something

I particularly like this game because it fires the imagination. At home, find a small basket in which you can place all sorts of objects you no longer use (paper towel roll, small pieces of material, sting, buttons, etc.). This will be your invention toolbox!

You can use its contents to let your imagination run wild and create a new machine or revolutionary gadget! Nothing is impossible. Then, your family members can take turns explaining their invention, what it is used for and how it works.

One thing is for sure: you will be astounded by your children’s imagination!

4. Movie night

Pretty much everybody’s favourite. To add a bit of fun to your evening, why not make candy necklaces you can snack on during the film?

You’ll need little pieces of string or ribbon and small candies you can easily thread (ideally with holes).

To obtain a wide variety of treats without breaking the bank, I suggest a trip to the bulk food store.

Once threaded, simply tie a small knot and hang these creations around your kids’ necks. There you go! It’s just that easy!