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When I was a kid, we had a house rule: if the weather was nice, we played outside. Say what you will, but my parents were on to something—“outside” is probably the best playroom ever invented!

We roamed free as we dug through dirt, climbed trees and became neighbourhood explorers. Our options were (almost) limitless! By the time we came home for dinner, we were covered in mud from head to toe from a whole day of outdoor fun. In a bid to recreate those fond childhood memories, I now enforce these same house rules in my own home. 😉

For this post, I decided to share some ideas for family activities that will let you and your kids explore the great outdoors and discover some of nature’s hidden gems.

1- Turn Mother Nature’s treasures into art

Bring a small bucket with you on your next stroll through the park or woods and collect a few leaves, twigs, branches and flowers. Back at home, place your finds in a big bowl and add to it any craft materials you have lying around the house (pipe cleaners, bathroom tissue rolls, ribbons, etc.). Let your imagination run wild! 😉

You can even use empty bathroom tissue rolls as a base or to frame your creation!

2-A natural bracelet

Here is a different take on the same activity—but one that’s just as fun. Before heading out the door, make a bracelet out of masking tape (sticky side out!) and cover it with your more delicate finds. Nothing is more stylish than jewellery designed by Mother Nature! 😉

3-Time for a treasure hunt

This is one of my own kids’ favourite activities. Take a few paper bags and draw a different coloured circle on each one. Have your kids choose a bag at random—whatever colour they get is the colour of the “treasure” they have to find. If the bag is big enough, they can even put the item inside before coming back to pick a new colour.

This game can also be adapted for older children: instead of coloured circles, write a letter on each bag. The goal is to find an item that starts with the letter on the bag. You can even make it a race against the clock!

This game can also be played on a rainy day using items found around the house.