Catherine Cloutier | L’Emmèredeuse

That’s it. The time has come. Your preschool days are over. Now I’m the mum of a school-age child. You’ll be starting kindergarten in a few days. This first back-to-school experience will bring with it a roller coaster of emotions! Here are a few commandments that I’m counting on to help me get through.

5. You will not cry in front of your child.

I know, we cry because we’re filled with pride. We cry because we’re nostalgic. We cry because they’re too cute and because they’re already too grown up. But in a child’s mind, you don’t cry when you’re happy, you cry when you’re sad.
The last thing we want is for our children to think that back to school is a sad event. This makes them insecure.
Children need to know that we’re there for them.
All you mums, put on a big smile. You can cry in the car.

4. You will allow time to adapt.

You’re all going to need time to adapt.
A routine is like a dance. Everyone needs to learn to waltz and master the new steps. And this takes time.
Keep in mind that children lack the vocabulary and ability to express how they’re feeling. So they act up.
And they act up even more at home where they feel safe, where they know they are loved unconditionally.
Talk to your kids, get them to verbalize how they feel about school.

3. You will maintain discipline.

It’s a known fact. Children need a clear structure to thrive. It’s important to stick to it. Introduce a morning and evening routine and be as consistent as possible on weekdays. The odd waiver, maybe.
To start, it can be quite challenging to get them to bed early. But it’s for everyone’s good in the long run.

2. You will be patient.

They say that a day at school is just as exhausting as a day on the production line.
Mums, keep this in mind when your little ones don’t want to do their homework, they cry for no apparent reason because they’re tired, and you have to repeat the same thing for the hundredth time.
Take a deep breath and dig deep!
You’re a good mum. Everything will be fine.

1. You will believe in your child.

A new school year brings many unknowns for everyone. Maybe after doing so well last year, your child won’t have such an easy time this year. Maybe he won’t work as hard and this will make you angry.
Have faith in your little one.
Don’t talk about your disappointments or concerns in front of him.
Encourage him, reassure him. Tell him that all that counts is that he does his best; nobody can be good at everything.
Above all, tell him every day how proud you are of him.