Summer is often synonymous with novelty and freshness. Have you moved recently? Are you doing a big cleanup of your kitchen? It’s time to reorganize your pantry!
Whether it’s a large or small kitchen, any pantry requires efficient and ergonomic organization to find what you need on a daily basis. To help you with the setup or cleaning of your kitchen, here are 5 pantry organization ideas!

1. Sort through the food

Over time, all sorts of cans and jars of food accumulate in our kitchens. Aside from a few foods that keep indefinitely (sugar, honey, etc.), most are perishable.

If you reorganize your pantry, therefore, start by sorting out the expired products as well as those you never eat! There are food banks across Quebec that collect healthy food to redistribute to food assistance organizations.

It’s a small, simple gesture, but a precious gift to those in need!

2. Organize the food by category

Storage requires efficient organization! The second step that we recommend, therefore, is to sort your products by category.

Place your food in different sections, such as:

• Dry products for savoury dishes;
• Ingredients for baking;
• Breakfast foods;
• Cans, sauces, and oils;
• Desserts and snacks.

Then, organize the different food categories in a logical and accessible way according to your daily needs. Ideally, reserves should be placed in the back and essential foods in the front.

A little ergonomic tip: stick your shopping list on the kitchen cabinets, at eye level! This will allow you to add the missing items each time you go to your pantry.

3. Put fast-cooking products near the front

We know: a family’s daily routine can be hectic. Some jam-packed days require efficient cooking. To optimize your pantry organization, considering putting the foods used to prepare fast meals near the front, such as:

• Pasta,
• Rice,
• Tomato sauce,
• Couscous,
• Canned vegetables,
• Etc.

Generally speaking, you’ll save time by having the most frequently used products within easy reach! It’s good for your back and to prepare simple and efficient meals on busy days. ?

4. Opt for reusable containers

A new pantry organization is an opportunity to start fresh! That’s why we recommend opting for reusable containers, jars, or cans—another way to make a difference for the environment.

Here’s a tip: choose transparent containers! This will allow you to identify the food quickly. Consider saving the jars from the sauces you buy to add new foods to them. This continues the life cycle of the containers. ?

Otherwise, if you don’t have transparent containers, stick labels to them to easily recognize the different foods.

5. Organize your pantry for easy cleaning

Although a pantry isn’t a space we clean every day, it’s worthwhile to organize it so that it can easily be cleaned! By choosing large containers with bulk foods, you can move the items in the pantry more easily to clean it.

For everyday cleaning, Cascades Tuff® paper towels will be your allies to get into every nook and cranny of the pantry and keep it clean throughout the year.

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