Our Story

Cascades, a Quebec based company that has been a part of your daily life for more than 50 years!

A company with deep roots in its community

Serving the community from which it sprang and a commitment to giving back have been at the very heart of the Lemaire family’s core values since the inception of Cascades.

We are proud of the fact that we have been able to successfully combine service to our community, job creation and profitability with our uncompromising respect for nature.

Focusing on our mission…

Expanding the boundaries of innovation and sustainable development and continuing to provide future generations with a better place in which to live are among our priorities at Cascades!

Did you know?

  • The first recipes for Cascades recycled paper were tested… in the family’s blender!
  • In 1972, the acquisition of a huge paper machine from New Jersey required the use of 65 trucks loaded with parts that had to be transported and reassembled in au Canada!
  • Right from the very beginnings of the Company, the Lemaire family innovates by adopting an ecoresponsible position
  • Cascades Tissue Group opens for business in 1977. At the time, it offers an exceptionally diverse product range and every item is made with recycled fibres.
  • Cascades saves 45 million trees every year, along with enough water to feed Niagara Falls for 10 hours!
  • In 2014, Cascades celebrated its 50th anniversary of service to the community!

The beginning of a great adventure

The Lemaire family from Kingsey Falls took on a challenge: turning old into new and giving nature a second life. This was the beginning of Cascades.

Cascades Tissue Group

The 1970s were a turning point for the company as it expanded the scope if its expertise with the founding of the Cascades Tissue Group division, specialized in tissue manufacturing and conversion.

In 1977, Cascades opens a new plant in Kingsey Falls for the manufacturing and conversion of paper towels, bathroom tissue and industrial paper products from recycled fibres.

A diverse product range

Year after year, Cascades Tissue Group continues to push the envelope in terms of research and fine-tuning its processes with a view to providing Canadian families with a line of paper tissue products that they can be proud to call their own.

In its commitment to sustainable development, the Company now offers a wide range of ecoresponsible bathroom tissue and paper towels, some of which are composed entirely of recycled fibres.

Discover the full line of Cascades products today.

Cascades by the numbers

  • Cascades Tissue Group is the 4thlargest tissue manufacturer in North America.

The Group includes:


  • 2,200 employees
  • 18 business units
  • 17 paper machines
  • 7 integrated de-inking units

Focus on the future

The Cascades family continues to grow, with the arrival of our two new friends, Cascades Fluff TM and Cascades Tuff TM.

Get the complete history of Cascades here.

Our social responsibility

Fundraising program

Are you planning a fundraiser and looking for a unique and innovative approach?

Let Cascades help to support your cause or your project!

  • Hold a socially responsible fundraiser
  • Set yourself apart by selling reputable products that are made in Canada
  • Take advantage of environmentally friendly products made with fibres coming from appropriate forest management
  • Make a difference yourself by supporting the most responsible environmental practices

Quickly raise more than $1,000!

Program available only in Québec

For more information about the fundraising program
1-800-567-1022 | question@cascades.com