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L’inspecteur Edgar, a clever little educational tool

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Recently, I was forced to face the facts: I needed help to get a handle on the mess in the house, especially the clutter created by my children. That’s when L’inspecteur Edgar, an ingenious educational tool, came to my rescue. If you asked my kids, they’d probably tell you that repeating myself is my favourite pastime.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I can make the same request... as my patience gradually chips away. “Could you clean your room, please?”, “Lace up your boots,”... Met with their inertia, it’s not long before I raise my voice and lose my cool. Sound familiar? A tip for you Moms out there: Call in the reinforcements of L’inspecteur Edgar.



Who is L’Inspecteur Edgar?

Edgar is an expert inspector. With magnifying glass in hand, he notices everything. Shoes in the middle of the hall, toys improperly put away—nothing escapes him. He knows that parents already have enough on their plates with all the tasks they have to accomplish, so he has set himself the mission of instilling orderliness in the home.

Inspecteur Edgar Educational Tool InstructionsInspecteur Edgar Educational Tool Playing Cards

He uses times when the children are out of the house or sleeping to conduct his inspections incognito. After meticulously scrutinizing the scene, he leaves behind a coloured magnifying glass. Green means he’s very proud, and that the child did a great job helping his parents. Yellow means it’s a good start, but there’s still a bit of tidying to do. Red, for its part, means the child needs to put a little more effort into it.

Inspecteur Edgar Educational Tool Messy Room Red playing cardInspecteur Edgar Educational Tool Clean Room Green playing card

Edgar is a hit with my children. You should see them putting their toys away in the hopes of finding a little greet magnifying glass when they wake up. They are so proud of themselves when this happens. I must admit that I love this inspector too. He has brought harmony to our daily family life.

Thanks to him, my children enjoy taking part in household chores, because it’s made into a game. My children are more independent, and I no longer have to repeat myself (and raise my voice) to get them to cooperate.

L’inspecteur Edgar is the creation of Québec company Les belles combines. To learn more about this educational tool, I encourage you to visit the company’s website. You’ll fall in love with their many products designed to create a happy family life.

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